Flowering annuals are a quick and easy way to add that instant splash of color to containers and empty spots in the garden with many types boasting long-lasting flower periods and low maintenance.

Spring and summer annuals are undoubtedly the driving force of garden centers worldwide and at Homestead we concentrate on not only growing but sourcing an unbelievable selection of varieties that perform well in our region.  Color is in abundance from April to July with every inch of space in our retail greenhouse crammed with bedding and basket/container annuals.

Staff members are available to help you pick out the plants that fit the environmental requirements of your garden.  If digging holes is out of the question or it’s something simple you’re aiming for we offer ready-made mixed planted containers and hanging baskets that help beautify front porches, decks and patios!

Please check out our What’s Growing On? page for information on what annuals are available at this time of the year. VIEW OUR ANNUALS PHOTO GALLERY.



If you are ready for the next level of seasonal garden planting, and look forward to watching your plants return every spring, perennials are your answer.  The popularity of perennials has increased each year and new varieties are continuously becoming available.

All of our perennials are grown by Virginia nurseries — some at our own facility — and the selection diversity is unmatched in the local area!  Availability starts in March with some early blooming perennials like Helleborus and Creeping Phlox. By mid-May, summer blooming varieties like Black Eyed Susan and Cone Flowers occupy the shelves.

Ground covers are the best alternative for homeowners who struggle with growing grass under trees or in the shade. We offer a wide range of ground covers available in flats that you can order throughout the spring and fall seasons.

Are you interested in rain/water gardens, or in particular planting native perennials to attract butterflies and bees? We can help you determine the best plants to accomplish this.



We offer a nice selection of evergreen and deciduous shrubs that perform well in our area; available as a direct order from our local growers.  We post a current availability list in the Plant Arrival Schedule page and accept orders in-store, by phone or via the Contact Us page.  The best time of the year to plant evergreens in this area is fall (late Sept – early Dec) and early spring (Mar – Apr), well in advance of the summer heat/drought conditions.

Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand, ready to assist you in selecting from the many varieties of foundation, woodland and privacy hedge shrubs available to order.

Once you place an order we will have your plants delivered to our garden center usually within 14 days and will contact you for pick up. We also offer home delivery – please ask one of the staff for more information.




Whether you are planting a vegetable garden, creating a raised herb bed or just planting a few patio containers for an organic snack, Homestead Garden Center has all the plants you need!

April and May are the months to pick from our extensive range of pack vegetables and single pot herbs. If you just can’t wait to harvest, why not grab one of our ready-to-eat, pre-planted “salad bowls”, mixed herb planters, or strawberry baskets?

At Homestead we do not promote or use chemical pesticides and fungicides during the growing process of edibles. We also sell healthy safe alternative OMRI certified organic products to tackle insects and disease.

Ask about Homestead Garden Center Home Delivery Service for your Garden Plants, Trees & Shrubs

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